Fatma M Helmy

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1. The plasmalogen profiles of a series of hearts from fish to mammals were obtained by various TLC analyses. 2. All specimens (ventricular) contained ethanolamine plasmalogen and some choline plasmalogen, as well. 3. The distribution of these two plasmalogen species was relatable, in part, to (a) phylogeny and (b) ontogeny. 4. There were exceptions. 5. The(More)
1. We have re-examined the lipids from myocardial infarcts of cat, dog, rabbit and man, mainly through TLC methods, and confirm the identity of cat and dog "infarct plasmalogen" as an N-acyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine (NAPE). This substance was not detected in infarcts of rabbit and man. 2. We have extended our observations on a similar phosphatide, as the(More)
The phospholipid profiles of testes and heart of 1-, 3-, and 6-month-old rats and their in vitro response to the endogenous phospholipases at pH 7.4 and 38 degrees C for 60 min were analyzed by TLC technology and densitometry. A noticeable high level of monolysocardiolipin (MLCL) was shown in rat testes of all samples analyzed (1-, 3-, and 6-month-old),(More)