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Stereo techniques have witnessed tremendous progress over the last decades, yet some aspects of the problem still remain challenging today. Striking examples are reflecting and textureless surfaces which cannot easily be recovered using traditional local regularizers. In this paper, we therefore propose to regularize over larger distances using(More)
Despite recent progress, reconstructing outdoor scenes in 3D from movable platforms remains a highly difficult endeavour. Challenges include low frame rates, occlusions, large distortions and difficult lighting conditions. In this paper, we leverage the fact that the larger the reconstructed area, the more likely objects of similar type and shape will occur(More)
This work introduces a real-time video-based open-set face recognition system. The system has been developed for the identification of people who stand in front of an interactive screen to communicate with a virtual application. The system uses Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) features obtained from non-overlapping 20 blocks, and Support Vector Machines(More)
Magic Mirror is a face swapping tool that replaces the user's face with a selected famous person's face in the database. System interacts with the user via a user interface which enables the selection of the replacement face and directly reflects the changed appearance. First, we apply a face detection mechanism to locate the face in the frame coming from(More)
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