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The seed morphologies and testa textures of 23 taxa belonging to the Pratensis, Orobon, Lathyrus, Orobastrum and Cicercula sections of Lathyrus that can widely be found in Turkey were analysed. The findings obtained in this study and previous findings (34 taxa in total) were compared and interpreted at the level of the sections. Morphological properties(More)
The pollen morphology of 20 wild taxa belonging to Lathyrus (Syn: Eulathyrus), Orobastrum (Taub.) Boiss. and Cicercula (Medic.) Gren. & Godr. sections of Lathyrus L. grown in Turkey (L. rotundifolius Wild. subsp. miniatus (Bieb. ex Steven) P.H. Davis, L. grandiflorus Sibth. & Sm., L. saxatilis (Vent.) Vis., L. vinealis Boiss. & Noë, L. inconspicuus L. var.(More)
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