Fatma El-Zahraa Abou-Chadi

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In this paper a simple and robust Contourlet-based image watermarking technique for copyright protection is presented. The main idea is to utilize the flexible representation of images provided by the Contourlet transform in designing a robust watermarking technique. The watermark is embedded into different bands to resist different kinds of signal(More)
This paper presents a simple Contourlet-based watermarking technique and investigates the role of Contourlet Transform (CLT) versus Wavelet Transform (WT) in achieving a high level of robustness. The same embedding strategy is adopted for both cases of CLT-based watermarking and WT-based watermarking. Experimental results show the superiority of the(More)
Identifying moving objects from a video sequence is a fundamental and critical talk in many computer-vision application. It is an Important part of visual tracking system. In this paper, a new algorithm for background subtraction has been proposed and its performance wat investigated and compared. It is a combination of three background subtraction(More)
In order to enhance the contrast noisy images where the amplitudes of it histogram components are very high at one location on the gray scale and very small in the rest of the gray scale, conventional global contrast enhancement schemes over-equalize these images so that too bright or dark pixels are resulted and local contrast enhancement schemes produce(More)
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