Fatma Ben Fredj Ismail

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Aortic aneurysms and stenosis occurring in Takayasu arteritis may require aortic prosthesis that can be complicated by aorto-digestive fistula. We report a 41-year-old female who presented with an isolated abdominal pain revealing a para-prosthetic aorto-duodenal fistula complicating a Takayasu arteritis. The diagnosis of aorto-digestive fistula may be(More)
The rheumatoid polyarthritis is the most frequent chronic polyarthritis. It affects essentially the woman between 40 and 60 years. Rheumatic subcutaneous nodules and tenosynovitis are usually associated with seropositive symptomatic rheumatoid polyarthritis. It is, however, rare that they constitute the essential clinical expression of the disease. In this(More)
Vertebral primary malignant germ cell tumors are rarely located in thoracic spine. We report the case of a 44-year-old female, in which a symptomatology including dorsal rachidial pain, intercostal neuralgia, straight and transit disorder revealed a thoracic vertebral primary malignant germ cell tumor. The sole location of a vertebral primary malignant germ(More)
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