Fatma Ayari

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In this paper, a classification scheme has been proposed to classify crackles based on waveform features and frequency domain features. This purpose is very important in the analysis of respiratory disorders. In fact, morphological characters of crackles can be well represented by time amplitude distribution. Thus, they convey significant diagnostic(More)
The objective of this paper is to use adaptive wavelets for lung sounds analysis and show that wavelets with one vanishing moment can successfully detect pathological changes of the lung which produce sounds with measurable regularities. Local regularity measures allow us to detect some significant components of adventitious sounds which are difficult to(More)
Image processing acquires more and more importance because of its wide spread in industrial applications such as; Biometrics, Information Fusion, Image Registration, Image Mosaic, Image Indexing, Retrieval, Image and Video Coding, Motion Detection and Tracing, Feature Extraction and so on. Image de-noising is an important step towards multiple image(More)
Finite element analysis is the most used methodology to predict the mechanical behavior of a large spectrum of materials. It covers many research areas. In the case of metal matrix composites the reinforcing particles are being approximately represented by general regular geometries; i.e. spherical, rectangular, cylindrical and pyramidal shapes. Their(More)
Analysis of material microstructure images have been an important research topic. In fact, multiple pertinent information can be extracted from material texture images such as inclusions, fraction surfaces, heterogeneous components, crystallographic planes orientation, porosity and so on. Actually, this information depends from the amount of noise included(More)
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