Fatimah Sham Ismail

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The water supply system has a high operational cost associated with its operations. This is characteristically due to the operations of the pumps that consume significantly high amount of electric energy. In order to minimize the electric energy consumption and reduce the maintenance cost of the system, this paper proposes the use of an Adaptive Weighted(More)
One of the challenges research on model based fault detection and diagnosis of a system is finding the accurate models. In this paper, fuzzy logic based model using genetic algorithm for optimizing the membership function is used in the development of fault detection and diagnosis of a process control rig. The model is used to generate various residual(More)
Heat sink is the most popular device used for electronic cooling. A continuing in increasing of power density in CPU processor, by reducing the size of electronic products has led to the importance of thermal management issue in this industry. This issue will reduce the performance of the CPU processor and indirectly affects the lifetime of the electronics(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for thermal optimization formulation strategies for multi-heat generation of integrated circuit (IC) on printed circuit board (PCB). Weighted-sum approach for multi-objective genetic algorithm (WMOGA) with formulated initial placement and multi-constraints parameters (FIPMCP) are presented. FIPMCP is used for the components(More)
A study on central processing unit (CPU) was conducted to analyze the thermal performance of heat sink. The purpose is to have the optimal design for heat sink to reduce the thermal problem on CPU. This study explores the used of heat transfer model and particle swarm optimization for heat sink design. The objective function is to maximize heat dissipation(More)
In today's world, the development of electromagnetic devices require the magnetic cores to be operated at higher frequency. Soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials are suitable for these applications because of their properties like high electrical resistivity which leads to the low eddy current loss, and 3-D magnetic isotropy which provides great design(More)
Self organizing genetic algorithm (SOGA) is a class of heuristic multi-objective optimization method that has high capabilities for solving multiple conflicting objective functions. This paper presents an application of SOGA for optimizing multi-objectives components placement of multi voltage regulator (MVR) system on printed circuit board by considering(More)
Advancement of electronic technology has led to increase heat dissipation of the component, especially in Central Processing Unit (CPU). This problem occurs when the component has scaled down to increase the power density and the speed of data processing. This heat dissipation has increased the temperature of the device, which can reduce the reliability and(More)
Sensors play a very important role in all kind of industrial plant. Types of sensor can vary from level, flow, pressure and temperature. In an industrial plant, a huge quantity of sensors are being installed for monitoring purpose. These sensors involve complex installation architecture due to cable and installation cost. Each and every single sensor only(More)
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