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Since antiquity, the Amazigh heritage is expanding from generation to generation. In the aim of safeguarding it from being threatened of disappearance, it seems opportune to equip this language of necessary means to confront the stakes of access to the domain of New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In this context, and in the perspective to(More)
Depuis l'antiquité, le patrimoine amazigh est en expansion de génération en génération. Cependant, l'accès au domaine des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication (NTIC) s'avère primordial pour sauvegarder et exploiter ce patrimoine et éviter qu'il soit menacé de disparition. Dans cette perspective, et dans le but de développer des(More)
Despite its position as second official language of Morocco, Amazigh language still suffers from the lack of studies from computational point of view. To achieve this goal, and given that the noun classification system in Amazigh is computationally interesting and constitutes a major word category which plays a major role in syntactic analysis, we have(More)
Amazighe inflectional morphology poses special challenges to Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. Its rich morphology and the highly complex word formation process of roots and patterns make NLP tools for Amazighe very challenging. In this paper we present an approach for inflectional morphological analysis and generation for Amazighe verbs. The main(More)
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