Fatima Rubio da Costa

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Six cases treated with Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy were studied. Initial countertransferential reactions were identified, and expectations were determined concerning the evolution of the patient-therapist relationship. The existence of a basic pattern of emotional response to the patient in the therapist throughout the treatment was observed, and the(More)
Although suicidality is associated with mental illness in general and depression in particular, many depressed individuals do not attempt suicide and some individuals who attempt to or do die by suicide do not present depressive symptoms. This article aims to contribute to a more psychosocial approach to understanding suicide risk in nonclinical(More)
Background and aims(s): The study evaluated the contribution of coping strategies, based on the Toulousiane conceptualization of coping, to the prediction of suicide risk and tested the moderating effect of gender, controlling for depressive symptoms. METHOD A two-time data collection design was used. A community sample of 195 adults (91 men and 104(More)
Context. Flares, eruptive prominences and coronal mass ejections are phenomena where magnetic reconnection plays an important role. However, the location and the rate of the reconnection, as well as the mechanisms of particle interaction with ambient and chromospheric plasma are still unclear. Aims. In order to contribute to the comprehension of the above(More)
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