Fatima Mujib Bilqees

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis is found in all the four provinces of Pakistan; these are NWFP, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. In Balochistan the areas from where the patients came are Uthal, Quetta and Ormara. The highest number of patients came from Quetta and least from Ormara. The patients included in this study were from the Mangopir and Chakewara, areas of(More)
OBJECTIVE To find the prevalence of human intestinal pathogenic parasites. SETTING The study was conducted in Konkor, Gadap, District East, Karachi. METHODS After taking the verbal consent, all the villagers, selected by area sampling technique were interviewed by a structured questionnaire and then each person in the house was provided with a clean,(More)
A new nematode species, Rhabdochona kharani sp. nov., has been isolated from the intestine, stomach and swim bladder of the fish Labeo gedrosicus Zugmayer, 1912 (Fam. Cyprinidae: Cypriniformes) from spring water at Garruk, District Kharan, Balochistan. The new species is characterized largely by the presence of eight anterior teeth in the prostom,(More)
The present study was carried out to determine the total carbohydrate, total protein and total lipid content in the non-infected (Control) and naturally infected with Fasciola gigantica liver samples of buffaloes and cows. The estimated total protein and lipid content in the infected livers of these animals were found significantly higher as compared to(More)
The present study was conducted to investigate the helminth parasites of fish. During this study a new species of genus Camallanus Railliet and Henry, 1915 (Nematoda: Camallanidae) is described from specimens found in the swim bladder of Channa orientalis Bloch and Schneider, 1801 collected from River Gwarko in Panjgur (Balochistan). This new species(More)
A nematode Pseudomazzia macrolabiata of a new genus and a new species is described here from the intestine of the fish Pomadasys olivaceus of Karachi coast. The new genus is characterized by having an enlarged head region with three large prominent lips protruding externally from the head, a prominent buccal cavity and with a proboscis. The esophagus is not(More)
A new trematode, Plagioporus gonii sp. n., is described from the fish Labeo gonius of Kalri Lake, Sind, Pakistan. This species is characterized by possessing round, subterminal oral sucker; small prepharynx; pharynx subglobular; oesophagus short; acetabulum larger than oral sucker; caeca simple; testes subspherical to irregular in shape; ovary irregular in(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies, including a comprehensive study by National Cancer Institute, have shown that a significant increase in the incidence of childhood brain tumours makes them the most common paediatric tumour. The objectives of this study were to determine the frequency of central nervous system tumours in paediatric age group (0-12 years), and to(More)