Fatima M. Al-Oboudi

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Let H denote the class of functions f(z) = z+∑∞k=2akzk which are analytic in the unit disc ∆ = {z : |z| < 1}. In this paper, we introduce the class Mλ α[A,B] of functions f ∈ H with f(z)f ′(z)/z ≠ 0, satisfying for z ∈ ∆ : {(eiλ −αcosλ)(zf ′(z)/f(z))+αcosλ(1+ zf ′′(z)/f ′(z))} ≺ cosλ((1+Az)/(1+Bz))+isinλ, where ≺ denotes subordination, α and λ are real(More)
A complex valued function f = u+ iv defined in a domain D ⊂ C, is harmonic in D, if u and v are real harmonic. Such functions can be represented as f(z) = h(z) + g(z), where h an g are analytic in D. In this paper we study some convolution properties preserved by the integral operator In H,λf, n ∈ N0 = N ∪ {0}, λ > 0, where the functions f are univalent(More)
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