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High Tone Spreading (HTS), by which an underlying High tone associated with a mora spreads rightwards and associates with one or several following moras, is a major tonal process in Bàsàá (Cameroon, Bantu A43). We here examine the domain of application of this process and establish that HTS allows us to determine the right edge of Phonological Phrases. We(More)
This article discusses a type of sentences found in the Western Nilotic language Dholuo (Kenya, Tanzania) that was argued by Cable (2012) to provide clear evidence for the existence of natural languages in which the preverbal subject position of a tensed verb can optionally be left empty (contra Chomsky, 1981). The structural passive treatment of these(More)
Languages vary in the types of contexts that affect prosodic prominence. This paper reports on a production study investigating how different types of foci influence prosody in Polish. The results show that focus and givenness in Polish are both marked prosodically, with pitch and intensity as the main acoustic correlates. Polish patterns like English in(More)
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