Fatiha Houacine

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With the growing complexity of embedded systems, new development platforms based on modular decoupled components and a pluggable dynamic service design are needed for implementation, and maintenance of heterogeneous mobile applications. As mobile devices have limited resources, these platforms need to be lightweight to achieve required performances. New(More)
The availability of NFC capabilities on smartphones has facilitated the development of a large number of related applications. Some of these applications may be resource-intensive tasks, and Cloudlets-based mobile computing are a good candidate to offload computation while being free of WAN delays, jitter, congestion, and failures. In this context, new use(More)
In this article, a new mobile Cloud service model is presented. It offers a dynamic and efficient remote access to information services and resources for mobile devices. Mobile Cloud computing has been evolved as a distributed service model, where individual mobile users are Cloud service providers. Compared to traditional Internet-centric Cloud service(More)
Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is an emerging and popular mobile technology which uses fully available Cloud Computing services and functionalities. This technology provides rich computational services to the users, network operators and Cloud service providers as well. However due to users mobility and high computational operations, consumption of energy is(More)
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