Fatiha Elouaai

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The development of the Internet of Things will greatly facilitate the process of patient's diagnosis and monitoring, with small IP-based wireless sensors implemented on the patient's body, his physiological parameters, such as blood pressure and heart rate, can be monitored remotely and continuously. This scenario must absolutely respect the confidentiality(More)
Too many researches have been done using artificial immune systems AIS to solve intrusion detection problems due to several reasons. The self and non-self model based on the Negative Selection Algorithm NSA is the dominant model since it is adopted by the vast majority of these researches. However, this model has some problems especially in terms of(More)
This paper is a comparative study of several antennas commonly used in cellular telephones. These include a monopole and a patch antenna. Each one of these structures is modeled and numerically tested using HFSS code. The testing procedure involves antenna simulation in the proximity of the human head. The behaviour of each antenna is evaluated for variable(More)
The use of artificial immune systems (AIS) in intrusion detection is an attractive concept for several reasons. Then it is judicious to expect that approaches of biological inspirations in this area, and specifically the abstraction of immune defense mechanism with its high detection capabilities and its strong defense against intrusion, will probably be(More)
The multilayer methodology involves several concepts for serious game design; it can increase the collaboration between several actors of design, obtaining a more efficient serious game. Although it requires a specific environment to provide an effective assistance and visibility during the development of serious games, it improves on the combination of(More)
In this paper, the design procedure of the multi-band terminal antennas by a single microstrip patch antenna is suggested. To examine the performance of this antenna, a prototype was designed, fabricated and measured. The multi-band central frequencies desired are adjusted by adding slots and shorting pins. The multi-band patch antennas have been designed(More)
Serious games are an enjoyable and memorable learning process, they can increase participant interest to make choices and solve problems in order to achieve the learning goals. The multi-layer methodology focuses on design evaluation and collaboration between the expert, designer, and player. This new approach provides an effective assistance and visibility(More)
This paper presents a design and dosimetry of a new multi-band patch antenna, based on the U shape and characterized by shorting pin. Radiation patterns and S<sub>11</sub> coefficient are presented; the specific absorption rate (SAR) of a monopole antenna is calculated and compared with that of our new patch antenna. The simulation analysis was performed(More)
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