Fatih Karakus

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In this controlled study, hearing and middle ear functions were investigated in 37 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and 35 controls in order to study the prevalence and the nature of hearing loss in RA. The prevalence of the hearing impairment was significantly higher in the RA group, and the majority was bilateral (P<0.001). Of the patients, 35.1%(More)
Robust and accurate 3D reconstruction of the scene is essential for many robotic and computer vision applications. We are proposing a system solution that can accurately reconstruct the scene both indoor and outdoor, in real-time. The system utilizes both active and passive visual sensors in conjunction with peripheral hardware for communication, and(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of designing WebQuests on the pre-service social studies teachers’ motivation in instructional technologies and material design course. There were a total of 108 pre-service social studies teachers, 68 in treatment group and 40 in control group, involved in this study. The researchers used a Likert-type(More)
In ideal case, the optical elements existing in the camera systems are expected to project the outside scene to the camera sensor without any distortion. In reality, however, it is not possible due to manufacturing tolerances, etc. A distorted image is visually annoying as well as it is a problem for image processing steps to be possibly applied. In this(More)
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