Fatih Köksal

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Several real-time PCR procedures for the detection and genotyping of oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum were evaluated. A 40-cycle amplification of a 157-bp fragment from the C. parvum beta-tubulin gene detected individual oocysts which were introduced into the reaction mixture by micromanipulation. SYBR Green I melting curve analysis was used to confirm the(More)
Antisense transcription is a pervasive phenomenon, but its source and functional significance is largely unknown. We took an expression-based approach to explore microRNA (miRNA)-related antisense transcription by computational analyses of published whole-genome tiling microarray transcriptome and deep sequencing small RNA (smRNA) data. Statistical support(More)
In order to investigate the possible role of molds in respiratory allergy, skin prick tests with the extracts of 19 different fungi were applied to 614 respiratory allergic patients. Indoor mold samples of some of these mold sensitive patients are also presented. Most of the patients (72.6%) had extrinsic asthma while 27.4% having allergic rhinitis. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of chlorhexidine (CHX) and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solutions on Resilon cones that were artificially contaminated with microbial samples of Enterococcus faecalis or Candida albicans at various concentrations and time exposures. STUDY DESIGN Resilon cones artificially contaminated with E(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of the study presented are to identify the microbial content of the collected bone debris and to determine the antibacterial efficiency of chlorhexidine mouth rinse in reducing the microbial content of the collected bone debris. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-five patients who had asymptomatic fully impacted mandibular third molars(More)
We propose a novel approach for quantizing the weights of a multi-layer perceptron (MLP) for efficient VLSI implementation. Our approach uses soft weight sharing, previously proposed for improved generalization and considers the weights not as constant numbers but as random variables drawn from a Gaussian mixture distribution; which includes as its special(More)
Microbial-derived natural products have functional and structural diversity and complexity. For several decades, they have provided the basic foundation for most drugs available to modern medicine. Microbial-derived natural products have wide-ranging applications, especially as chemotherapeutics for various diseases and disorders. By exploring distinct(More)
Tuberculosis is caused by a mycobacterium and is one of the most serious diseases in the world. Pulmonary involvement is the most common form of this condition. Primary tuberculosis of the parotid gland is rare. We report such a case in a 34-year-old man who presented with a painless preauricular mass on each side of his head. The clinical presentation,(More)
Four distinguished although overlying stages make up the methodical procedure of wound healing, which are hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodelling. Multiple sclerosis (MS) comprises a persistent inflammatory infection of the central nervous system, and is related to demyelination, neurodegeneration, as well as susceptibility to oxidative(More)