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A 35-year-old woman presented with a solitary neurofibroma in an unusual presacral location without neurofibromatosis manifesting as bilateral chronic sciatica for 2 years. She was initially considered as having a giant right ovarian mass, but was referred with a prediagnosis of solitary giant sacral nerve sheath tumor. The initial differential diagnosis(More)
We aim to evaluate the mechanisms responsible for complications during trigeminal rhizotomy via foramen ovale puncture. Ten dry skulls and 10 skull-base specimens were investigated in the present study. In cadaveric skull-base specimens, the anatomical relationships between the foramen ovale, mandibular nerve and Gasserian ganglion and the surrounding(More)
Abstract Aim. Our aim was to classify meningoceles and meningomyeloceles in terms of defect area as a percentage of the thoracolumbar region to make it possible to select the surgical technique accordingly. Materials and methods. Thirty-two cases were included in the study program. Any defect smaller than 8% of the thoracolumbar region was primarily sutured(More)
Rapid resolution of acute subdural hematoma is rare. Delayed traumatic intracerebral hematomas following medical or surgical treatment of increased intracranial pressure have also been reported. Coexistence of a quickly resolving acute subdural hematoma and a delayed traumatic intracerebral hemorrhage has not been reported before. A 13-month-old boy was(More)
Gamma radiation is known to cause serious damage in the brain, and many agents have been used for neuroprotection. In this study, lipid peroxidation levels and histopathological changes in brain tissues of whole-body irradiated rats with likely radiation injury were compared to those with melatonin and vitamin E protection. Forty rats in four equal groups(More)
MODELING AND ANIMATING PERSONALIZED FACES Fatih Erol M.S. in Computer Engineering Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. U gur G ud ukbay January, 2002 A very important and challenging problem in computer graphics is modeling and animation of individualized face models. In this thesis, we describe a facial modeling and animation system attempting to address this(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the membranous architecture of the abducens nerve at the petroclival region and describe the characteristics of this area in cadaveric specimen and two children with hydrocephalus and sixth nerve palsy using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MATERIALS AND METHODS Five adult cadaver heads were used to investigate the petroclival(More)
A number of different techniques are used to treat chronic subdural hematomas surgically. In this study, 70 chronic subdural hematomas were surgically treated and analyzed prospectively. Patients were classified according to clinical features and computed tomography images. Results of the cases that underwent burr-hole craniostomy-irrigation (group A; n=35)(More)
A 31-year-old male was presented with a very rare case of ipsilateral palsies of the nerves IX through XII (Collet-Sicard syndrome) after a closed head injury. An occipital condyle fracture that was associated with epidural hematoma was diagnosed by computed tomography. The patient was conservatively managed, and following the treatment, partial(More)