Fatih Erdogan Sevilgen

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Discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO) is gaining popularity in the area of combinatorial optimization in the recent past due to its simplicity in coding and consistency in performance. A DPSO algorithm has been developed for orienteering problem (OP) which has been shown to have many practical applications. It uses reduced variable neighborhood search(More)
The Orienteering Problem (OP) is a version of TSP with profits in which instead of a cycle, a path is sought. In this paper, we consider three variations of Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) and present the first algorithm solely based on VNS to solve the OP. The experimental results for the benchmark problems indicate that the algorithm, designed by using(More)
SUMMARY Knowledge of pathogen-host protein interactions is required to better understand infection mechanisms. The pathogen-host interaction search tool (PHISTO) is a web-accessible platform that provides relevant information about pathogen-host interactions (PHIs). It enables access to the most up-to-date PHI data for all pathogen types for which(More)
The N-body problem is to simulate the motion of N particles under the influence of mutual force fields based on an inverse square law. Greengards algorithm claims to compute the cumulative force on each particle in O(N) time for a fixed precision irrespective of the distribution of the particles. In this paper, we show that Greengards algorithm is(More)
Partitioning techniques based on space-filling curves have received much recent attention due to their low running time and good load balance characteristics. The basic idea underlying these methods is to order the multidimensional data according to a space-filling curve and partition the resulting onedimensional order. However, space-filling curves are(More)
Hyperoctree is a popular data structure for organizing multidimensional point data. The main drawback of this data structure is that its size and the run-time of operations supported by it are dependent upon the distribution of the points. Clarkson rectified the distributiondependency in the size of hyperoctrees by introducing compressed hyperoctrees. He(More)
Data Distribution Management (DDM) is one of the services provided by the High Level Architecture (HLA) Run-time Infrastructure (RTI), which aims to reduce the amount of irrelevant data communication among federates and to minimize computational requirements for sending and receiving messages. Several DDM methods, including region-based, grid-based and(More)
In this paper, we propose a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based solution to the Orienteering Problem. A major problem in many PSO applications is the premature convergence of some particles to local optimums. To overcome this problem in our application, such particles are re-initiated; consequently, the exploration capability of PSO is improved.(More)
Load balancing is performed to achieve the optimal use of the existing computational resources as much as possible whereby none of the resources remains idle while some other resources are being utilized. Balanced load distribution can be achieved by the immigration of the load from the source nodes which have surplus workload to the comparatively lightly(More)