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A multi-criteria intuitionistic fuzzy group decision making for supplier selection with TOPSIS method
Supplier selection, the process of finding the right suppliers who are able to provide the buyer with the right quality products and/or services at the right price, at the right time and in the rightExpand
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A biparametric similarity measure on intuitionistic fuzzy sets with applications to pattern recognition
Unlike an ordinary fuzzy set, the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS), characterized both by a membership degree and by a non-membership degree, is a more flexible way to capture theExpand
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An Integrated Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Method for Facility Location Selection
The facility location selection, which is one of the important activities in strategic planning for a wide range of private and public companies, is a multi-criteria decision making problem includingExpand
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Forecasting Natural Gas Consumption in Turkey Using Grey Prediction
Natural gas, used for heating and electricity generation, has become one of the important energy sources in the world since it provides low level emission of greenhouse gases and has significantExpand
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Interval multiplicative transitivity for consistency, missing values and priority weights of interval fuzzy preference relations
In this paper, the concept of multiplicative transitivity of a fuzzy preference relation, as defined by Tanino T. Tanino, Fuzzy preference orderings in group decision-making, Fuzzy Sets and SystemsExpand
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Personnel selection based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets
One of the most important activities carried out by human resource management is personnel selection, concerned with identifying an individual from a pool of candidates suitable for a vacantExpand
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The Evaluation of Renewable Energy Technologies for Electricity Generation in Turkey Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS
Abstract Due to global warming and climate changes, the utilization of renewable energy not only plays a key role in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the world but also will supply globalExpand
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An overview of methods for linguistic summarization with fuzzy sets
We review the evaluating methods on linguistic summarization.We propose a taxonomy for the methods.We present the differences between methods.We illustrate that fuzzy cardinality based methodsExpand
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Optimization of module, shaft diameter and rolling bearing for spur gear through genetic algorithm
In this study, the dimensional optimization of motion and force transmitting components of a gearbox is performed by genetic algorithm (GA). It is aimed to obtain the optimal dimensions for gearboxExpand
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Multi-criteria Axiomatic Design Approach to Evaluate Sites for Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Plants: A Case Study in Turkey
Abstract Global warming and climate change are the most serious problems for developing countries as well as the world. Therefore, the usage of renewable energy sources is gaining importance forExpand
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