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In this article, a new TDMA based wireless sensor network (WSN), MILMON, is proposed for military monitoring. The most important design considerations of MILMON are energy consumption, delay, scalability, and fault tolerance. There are three main components of the system: a new time synchronization schema based on the sink with a high range transmitter,(More)
— Transmission of block-coded images through error-prone wireless channels often results in lost blocks. In this study, we investigate a novel error concealment method for covering up these high packet losses and reconstructing a close approximation. Our scheme is a modified discrete wavelet transform (DWT) technique (namely, subbands based image error(More)
—In this paper, an analytical model for Infrastructure-based Cognitive Radio Networks is proposed and its performance evaluated. The architecture is composed of multiple cognitive radio base stations, and the state of the system depends on the activity of primary and secondary users in each cell. An analytical model for Cognitive Radio Network with multiple(More)
— Performance evaluation of wireless sensor network (WSN) protocols requires realistic data traffic models since most of the WSNs are application specific. In this letter, a sensor network packet traffic model is derived and analyzed for intrusion detection applications. Presented analytical work is also validated using simulations.