Fathia Lahwal

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Using the Internet to enhance e-learning has become a trend in modern higher education institutes. E-learning platforms are increasingly becoming a significant part of the strategy for delivering online and flexible e-learning. The advance of the multimedia learning depends mainly on the development of the information technology. Recently, technological(More)
E-learning in higher education is a developing area for study in modern institution. As technology and software advance, e-learning is becoming faster, more reliable, more portable and easier to use. It makes the lives of individual's easier, helping people learn whilst at work or in the home, flexibly and at times that suit them. It also meets corporate(More)
E-learning has progressed through a number of stages and transformations over the last twenty or thirty years. It is an umbrella term representing a continuum of educational technology integration. It offers with the supplemental the use of technology in the classroom, through hybrid uses comprising a mix of face-to-face and fully online instruction, to(More)
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