Fathi M. Hamdoon

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Helix is one of the most fascinating curves in science and nature. Scientist have long held a fascinating, sometimes bordering on mystical obsession, for helical structures in nature. Helices arise in nano-springs, carbon nano-tubes, α-helices, DNA double and collagen triple helix, lipid bilayers, bacterial flagella in salmonella and escherichia coli,(More)
The number s is called the scaling factor. An equiform motion is defined if the parameters of (1.1), including s, are given as functions of a time parameter t. Then a smooth one-parameter equiform motion moves a point x via x(t) = s(t)A(t)x(t) + d(t). The kinematic corresponding to this transformation group is called equiform kinematic. See [2, 4]. Under(More)
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