Fathi B. Saidi

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Let G be a reflexive subspace of the Banach space E and let L(I, E) denote the space of all p-Bochner integrable functions on the interval I=[0, 1] with values in E, 1 [ pO.. Given any norm N(· , · ) on R, N nondecreasing in each coordinate on the set R +, we prove that L (I, G) is N-simultaneously proximinal in L(I, E). Other results are also obtained. ©(More)
The concept of representation of a given family of sets by a fuzzy set in such a way that the level sets of the fuzzy set are precisely the given sets is widely used in the literature for the classi…cation and study of fuzzy algebraic structures on the same underlying set. The problem of existence of such fuzzy sets was investigated by various authors. As(More)
A known, and easy to establish, fact in Best Approximation Theory is that, if the unit ball of a subspace G of a Banach space X is proximinal in X, then G itself is proximinal in X. We are concerned in this article with the reverse implication, as the knowledge of whether the unit ball is proximinal or not is useful in obtaining information about other(More)
We establish abstract inequalities that give, as particular cases, many previously established Hölder-like inequalities. In addition to unifying the proofs of these inequalities, which, in most cases, tend to be technical and obscure, the proofs of our inequalities are quite simple and basic. Moreover, we show that sharper inequalities can be obtained by(More)
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