Faten Chaieb

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Moving shadow detection is a fundamental step in videosurveillance applications since it is generally confused with foreground. In this paper, we propose a novel statistical non-parametric method to detect moving shadow in a road traffic image sequences. We consider a diagonal model to describe the shadow distortion in the RGB color space. A Support Vector(More)
Sections of beef longissimus lumborum from four animals were held after 1 hr post mortem at either 0 ° (cold-shortened) or at 15 °C (controls). After 24 hr, the levels of μ- and m-calpains were the same in both treatments and about 30% and 85% of their initial levels respectively. The level of calpastatin at 24 h was higher in cold-shortened (100%) than in(More)
This paper introduces an original multi-resolution 3D mesh compression technique, called Shape Approximation-based Progressive Mesh (SAPM). The proposed approach losslessly compresses the mesh connectivity and exploits it in order to build a smooth approximation of the original mesh. The obtained mesh approximation is then decimated yielding a progressive(More)
Volume measurement of liver tumor is an important task for surgical planning and cancer following-up. The computation of this volume requires an efficient liver tumor segmentation method. This work deals with liver tumor segmentation from computed tomography (CT) images. We are interested by HMRF-EM classification method. This method considers the spatial(More)
PURPOSE Balance impairment in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with a worsening of quality of life (QOL) as related with fatigue perception, depression, and anxiety. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of balance training included in pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) on QOL, fatigue perception, depression, and anxiety in(More)
Planar shapes recognition is an important problem in computer vision and pattern recognition. We deal with planar shape contour views that differ by a general projective transformation. One method for solving such problem is to use projective invariants. In this work, we propose a projective and parameterization invariant generation framework based on the(More)
Completely embedded in the 3D era, depth maps coding becomes a must in order to favor 3D admission to different fields of application, ranging from video games to medical imaging. This paper presents a novel depth coding approach that decomposes a decimated version of the original depth image on a sparse set of coefficients and mixed discrete cosine and(More)
Multiview video plus depth is the most popular 3D video representation that would support novel applications including free viewpoint television. These applications highly depend on high quality rendering of interpolated views which, as well, highly depends on the quality of decoded depth images. Therefore, a depth map coding that preserves perceptual(More)