Fatemeh Sedaghat Jalil-Abadi

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A model describing the thermal effects in type II second harmonic generation (SHG) of Gaussian continuous-wave (CW) in a double-pass cavity is presented. The thermally induced phase mismatching (TIPM) along with thermal lensing was included in the classical SHG formalism through the interposing the heat and TIPM equations. To this end, eight equations were(More)
In this work, a three-dimensional and time-dependent nonlinear wave model to describe the generation of pulsed Bessel-Gauss second-harmonic waves (SHWs) is presented. Three coupled equations, two for ordinary and extraordinary fundamental waves and one for extraordinary SHWs, describing type II second-harmonic generation (SHG) in a KTiOPO<sub>4</sub> (KTP)(More)
In this work, a thorough and detailed solution for the time-dependent heat equation for a cylindrical nonlinear potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) crystal under a repetitively pulsed pumping source is developed. The convection and radiation boundary conditions, which are usually ignored in the literature, have been taken into account, and their importance on(More)
Thermally induced phase mismatching (TIPM) has been proven to be an influential issue in nonlinear phenomena. It occurs when refractive indices of crystal are changed due to temperature rise. In this work, the authors report on a modeling of spatiotemporal dependence of TIPM in a repetitively pulsed pumping KTP crystal. Gaussian profiles for both spatial(More)
In this work, the effect of temperature increase on the efficiency of a double-pass cavity type II second-harmonic generation (SHG) is investigated. To this end, a depleted wave model describing the continuous-wave SHG process with fundamental Gaussian waves was developed. First, six coupled equations were proposed to model a double-pass cavity to generate(More)
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