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Online Social Networks (OSN) have become widely popular in recent years. OSN enable people to connect with their friends based on sharing information about their personal life. There are some serious privacy problems that need to be resolved in existing OSN: Firstly, there has to be a method to protect user-generated data from OSN providers. Secondly, a(More)
Regression testing involves rerun of all test suite or selective run of a subset of existing test cases on the modified version of program to reveal the regression faults due to changes in code and use of these non obsolete test cases from pre-existing test suite to explore and eradicate regression faults. This paper addresses the fundamental limitations of(More)
The mobile agent is desired to be able to roam autonomously and anonymously from one agent platform to another one. To achieve this aim, a novel secure protocol is proposed to provide anonymity of the agent owner as well as the agent itinerary. In the presented method, a set of trusted auxiliary hosts named as mixers are employed to insert a transient(More)
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