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INTRODUCTION Motor skills play an important role during life span, and older adults need to learn or relearn these skills. The purpose of this study was to investigate how aging affects induction of improved movement performance by motor training. METHODS Serial Reaction Time Test (SRTT) was used to assess movement performance during 8 blocks of motor(More)
The purpose of study was to compare the effect of primary motor cortex (M1) and cerebellar anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (a-tDCS) on online and offline motor learning in healthy individuals. Fifty-nine healthy volunteers were randomly divided into three groups (n=20 in two experimental groups and n=19 in sham-control group). One(More)
INTRODUCTION Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT) is a rare benign tumor. Usually seen in children and adolescents, this inflammatory tumor can affect all the organs. PRESENTATION OF CASE In this case, a five-year-old child experienced the sudden onset of symptoms and the enlargement of abdominal mass 20 days before referral. The patient did not have(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have reported the increase in strength of the untrained contralateral limb after unilateral training. The aim of this study was to compare the cross education effect in the young and elderly persons. METHODS In this quasi-experimental and pre-post study, 12 young people aged 28.25 ±3.11 years and 12 elderly persons (aged 73.08 ±(More)
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