Fatemeh Daneshfar

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—A new intelligent agent based control scheme, using Bayesian networks (BNs), to design automatic generation control (AGC) system in a multi-area power system is addressed. Model independency and flexibility in specifying the control objectives, make the proposed approach as an attractive solution for AGC design in a real-world power system. The proposed(More)
— The traffic congestion problem in urban areas is worsening since traditional traffic signal control systems cannot provide efficient traffic control. Therefore, dynamic traffic signal control in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) recently has received increasing attention. This study devises an adaptive and cooperative multi-agent fuzzy system for a(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a network of devices denoted as nodes that can sense the environment and communicate gathered data, through wireless medium to a sink node. It is a wireless network with low power consumption, small size, and reasonable price which has a variety of applications in monitoring and tracking. However, WSN is characterized by(More)
—Automatic generation control (AGC) is one of the important control problems in electric power system design and operation, and is becoming more significant today because of increasing renewable energy sources such as wind farms. The power fluctuation caused by a high penetration of wind farms negatively contributes to the power imbalance and frequency(More)
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