Fatemeh Amin

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OBJECTIVE(S) It has been reported that ischemic postconditioning, conducted by a series of brief occlusion and release of the bilateral common carotid arteries, confers neuroprotection in permanent or transient models of stroke. However, consequences of postconditioning on embolic stroke have not yet been investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the present(More)
Introduction: Morphine addiction and morphine withdrawal syndrome are the two main problems of today's human society. The present study has investigated the effects of nicotine on the strength of physical and psychological dependency in single and repeated doses morphine administrated rats. Methods: Male Wistar rats were subjected to morphine consumption(More)
Preferences of weanling albino rats (15, 20, and 25 days of age) for nonnutritive suckling or drinking were determined using a Y-maze. Age, hydrational state, and the opportunity to contact the mother all influenced choice behavior. When tested in a maze that allowed continuous maternal contact in the "drinking-goal box," dehydrated rats chose to drink,(More)
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