Fatemeh Ahmadi Zeleti

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Open Data initiatives are increasingly considered as defining elements of emerging smart cities. However, few studies have attempted to provide a better understanding of the nature of this convergence and the impact on both domains. This paper presents findings from a detailed study of 18 open data initiatives across five smart cities – Barcelona, Chicago,(More)
Business models for open data have emerged in response to the economic opportunities presented by the increasing availability of open data. However, scholarly efforts providing elaborations, rigorous analysis and comparison of open data models are very limited. This could be partly attributed to the fact that most discussions on open data business models(More)
Entrepreneurship is generally considered as central to economic development. Therefore, decisions by government to directly support entrepreneurs with Electronic Government (e-Gov) services can have significant impact on economic development. Given the current downward trend in new entrepreneur numbers in many countries, e-Gov services may arguably be best(More)
The increasing volumes of datasets published on open data platforms have had little impact on the public use of open data and perceived transparency of respective governments. At the same time, the innovation potentials of these datasets are far from realized due to many factors including poor quality of datasets. While past studies have attempted to(More)
Despite the existence of number of well-known conceptualization in e-Business and e-Commerce, there have been no efforts so far to develop a detailed, comprehensive conceptualization for business model. Current business literature is replete with fragmented conceptualizations, which only partially describe aspects of a business model. In addition, the(More)
Open data (OD) is increasingly considered as a core resource for many organizations in the emerging data economy. Open data-driven organizations (ODDOs) like any other organizations must develop capabilities for competitiveness and agility in addition to processes for creating value from OD to survive. While questions about the extent to which OD could be(More)