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Composed of trillions of individual microbes, the human gut microbiota has adapted to the uniquely diverse environments found in the human intestine. Quickly responding to the variances in the ingested food, the microbiota interacts with the host via reciprocal biochemical signaling to coordinate the exchange of nutrients and proper immune function. Host(More)
Athletes require regular intensive exercise and training, responsible for structural and functional changes in their hearts, which are reflected on electrocardiogram (ECG) findings [1]. The changes may include elevated QRS voltage, QRS axis shifts, ST-T wave changes that are consistent with early repolarization, bradyarrhythmias, first-degree and Mobitz(More)
In Bangladesh drinking water is heavily contaminated with arsenic. An estimated 50 million people are at risk from drinking of arsenic contaminated water in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Millions of people in many districts of Bangladesh are drinking ground water with arsenic concentrations above acceptable levels (0.05 mg/l) and many of them have(More)
The effect of nanoconfinement on the thermodynamics of free radical polymerization of sulfur is examined. We extend Tobolsky and Eisenberg's model of bulk sulfur polymerization to nanopores accounting for the confinement entropy of the chains and ring using scaling reported in literature. The model quantitatively captures literature data from Yannopoulos(More)
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