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Effects of long-term fertilization on AM fungal community structure and Glomalin-related soil protein in the Loess Plateau of China
The results of this study highlight that the richness of AMF in Loess Plateau agricultural region is low, and long-term fertilization, especially amendments with manure and straw, has beneficial effects on accumulation of soil organic carbon, spore density, GRSP content, and AMF diversity.
Long-term effects of fertilizer on soil enzymatic activity of wheat field soil in Loess Plateau, China
It is found that the application of farmyard manure and straw produced the highest values of soil enzymatic activity, especially a balanced applied treatment of MNP, which enhances enzyme activity.
The microbial community characteristics of ancient painted sculptures in Maijishan Grottoes, China
Investigation of the microbial communities colonizing the ancient painted sculptures of the Maijishan Grottoes revealed a rich bacterial diversity and a relatively low fungal abundance, which may lead to an unexpected deterioration of the painted sculptures that are preserved in this heritage site.
Modelling the risk of deterioration at earthen heritage sites in drylands
The variable climatic and environmental conditions associated with dryland regions can cause rapid erosion to both natural and man‐made earthen structures. Whilst there is a long history of research
Microcalorimetric study of the effects of long-term fertilization on soil microbial activity in a wheat field on the Loess Plateau
The results showed that the application of inorganic fertilizer and organic manure have positive effects on multiple soil chemical parameters, soil microorganism abundance and activity, and hence crop yield.
The community distribution of bacteria and fungi on ancient wall paintings of the Mogao Grottoes
The enrichment cultures revealed that many culturable strains were highly resistant to various stresses and thus may be responsible for the damage to cave paintings in the Mogao Grottoes.