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No single sensor can acquire complete information by applying one or several multi-surveys to cultural object reconstruction. For instance, a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) usually obtains information on building facades, whereas aerial photogrammetry is capable of providing the perspective for building roofs. In this study, a camera-equipped unmanned(More)
We address the problem of efficient image matching for large, highly redundant photo collections with highly complex topologies, such as photos acquired by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), focusing on disaster monitoring. Our approach conducts a skeleton graph which simplifies the image topology with the consideration of image importance and topological(More)
There is no single sensor can acquire the complete information for disaster monitoring. This study investigates the applicability of registering multiple point clouds obtained from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) images and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS). Low attitude images with high overlaps were collected by an eight-rotor UAV platform and image-based 3D(More)
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