Farzaneh Keyvanfard

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This paper aims to increase the classification specificity by using multi classifier system. First, a novel pixel search approach is applied to find significant region in images. Fuzzy C-means is utilized to determine the clear boundary of tumor. Then, shape and texture features are extracted from region of interest. Genetic algorithm is applied to select(More)
MR-based methods have acceded an important role for the clinical detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of the breast has become a robust and successful method, especially for the diagnosis of high-risk cases due to its higher sensitivity compared to X-ray mammography. In the clinical setting, the ANN has been widely applied(More)
Investigations of brain functional connectivity (FC) using resting state fMRI, have recently taken much interest. Various methods have been suggested for estimation of functional relationship between anatomical brain regions. Among the model based proposed methods, correlation and coherency algorithms are more commonly used. However; the stability of these(More)
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