Farzaneh Karami

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In this paper a model-based fault detection method for induction Motors is presented. A new filtering technique based on Unscented Kalman filters and Extended Kalman filters, is utilized as a state estimation tool in broken bars detection of induction motors. Using the merits of these recent nonlinear estimation tools UKF and EKF, rotor resistance of an(More)
In this paper, a new hybrid approach based on hierarchical gradient based control and Shuffled Frog Leaping optimization algorithm (SFLA) is presented for optimal control of large-scale systems. In this approach, the large-scale system is decomposed into smaller subsystems and then solved separately at the first level. Afterward at the second level, a(More)
In this paper, a new turn function for skewed rotor bars based on winding Function approach is presented. This approach has been used for simulating the machine behavior under healthy and broken rotor conditions. Proposed method is applied for rotor bars fault detection based on an advanced Park's vectors approach.
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