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The invention of DNA microarray technology has modernized the approach of biology research in such a way that scientists can now measure the expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously in a single experiment. Although this technology has shifted a new era in molecular classification, interpreting microarray data still remain a challenging issue(More)
Understanding the mechanisms of gene regulation during breast cancer is one of the most difficult problems among oncologists because this regulation is likely comprised of complex genetic interactions. Given this complexity, a computational study using the Bayesian network technique has been employed to construct a gene regulatory network from microarray(More)
Breast cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease due to its diverse morphological features, as well as different clinical outcome. As a result, breast cancer patients may response to different therapeutic options. Currently, difficulties in recognizing the breast cancer types lead to inefficient treatments. Generally, there are two types of breast(More)
Image segmentation has been an important and challenging issue in the field of computer vision over decades. It plays a critical role for most image analysis tasks, such as object detection and recognition. The aim of this paper is to obtain segmented image of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)'s track using mathematical morphological operation. Morphological(More)
Breast cancer is a world wide leading cancer and it is characterized by its aggressive metastasis. In many patients, microscopic or clinically evident metastases have already occurred by the time the primary tumor is diagnosed. Chemotherapy or hormonal therapy reduces the risk of distant metastasis by one-third, but it is estimated that about 70% to 80% of(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of project efficiencies of 39 companies using data Envelopment Analysis. In-Fusion Solutions Sdn. Bhd. was chosen as the case study and data were collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary data were obtained through interviews conducted with personnel from the main office and the company branch in Chennai, India.(More)
A limited number of factors in critical areas are necessary to identify the sustainability of companies [30]. It was found that three factors were commonly used [2] and a maximum of seven factors was recommended [2]. In order to identify the optimal factors, we propose a method based on rough set theory that consisted of five main steps. These were data(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm that performs stimulus-stimulus association via reinforcement learning. In particular, we develop a recurrent network with dynamic properties of Izhikevich spiking neuron model and train the network to associate a stimulus pair using reward modulated spike-time dependent plasticity. The learning algorithm associates a(More)
Face recognition is one of the most interesting applications in the image processing field. To build a model to recognize the face of different people, we need to do several processes on the image to obtain the most efficient features. In this research a face recognition model is developed. The dataset used is of different face images. Neural Networks(More)