Farzad Tahriri

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Supplier selection is one of the most critical activities of purchasing management in supply chain. Supplier selection is a complex problem involving qualitative and quantitative multi-criteria. A trade-off between these tangible and intangible factors is essential in selecting the best supplier. The work incorporates AHP in choosing the best suppliers. The(More)
Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) enhances the firm's flexibility and responsiveness to the ever-changing customer demand by providing a fast product diversification capability. Performance of an FMS is highly dependent upon the accuracy of scheduling policy for the components of the system, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs). An AGV as a mobile(More)
Agile Manufacturing (AM) is a new concept in manufacturing intended to improve the competitiveness of firms. In 21 st century, businesses in order to overcome their competitors, should be able to handle challenges of demanding customers seeking high quality, low cost products and also become more flexible with their specific and rapid changing needs. One of(More)
It has often been said that the strength of any country resides in the strength of its industrial sector, and Progress in industrial society has been accomplished by the creation of new technologies. Developments have been facilitated by the increasing availability of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT), in addition the implementation of advanced(More)
In today’s highly competitive environment, an effective supplier selection process is very important to the success of any manufacturing organization. In this context, supplier selection represents one of the most important functions to be performed by the purchasing department. Supplier selection is a multi-criterion problem which includes both qualitative(More)
A new multiobjective dynamic fuzzy genetic algorithm is applied to solve a fuzzy mixed-model assembly line sequencing problem in which the primary goals are to minimize the total make-span and minimize the setup number simultaneously. Trapezoidal fuzzy numbers are implemented for variables such as operation and travelling time in order to generate results(More)
Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) plays a major role in quality and flexibility improvements in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Advanced manufacturing technologies provide a great potential for improving manufacturing performance to compete in the global markets. Proper decision making in pre-implement and implementation of Robot technology as(More)
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