Farzad Rezaei

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Entropy and relative entropy are fundamental concepts on which information theory is founded on, and in general, telecommunication systems design. On the other hand, dissipation inequalities, minimax strategies, and induced norms are the basic concepts on which robustness of uncertain control and estimation of systems are founded on. In this paper, the(More)
This paper is concerned with optimization of uncertain stochastic systems, in which uncertainty is described by a total variation distance constraint between the measures induced by the uncertain systems and the measure induced by the nominal system, while the pay-off is a linear functional of the uncertain measure. Robustness at the abstract setting is(More)
This paper considers nonlinear estimation problems for classes of models, and employs relative entropy to describe the uncertainty classes. Two optimization problems are formulated on general Banach spaces, and their solutions are sought: 1) when the transition probability between the signal to be estimated X and the measurement Y or stochastic kernel is(More)
This paper is concerned with an abstract formulation of stochastic optimal control systems, in which uncertainty is described by a relative entropy constraint between the nominal measure and the uncertain measure, while the payoff is a functional of the uncertain measure. This is a minimax game in which the controller seeks to minimize the pay-off, while(More)
The aim of this paper is to address optimality of control strategies for stochastic discrete time control systems subject to conditional distribution uncertainty. This type of uncertainty is motivated from the fact that the value function involves expectation with respect to the conditional distribution. The issues which will be discussed are the following.(More)
This paper is concerned with stochastic control systems, in which the pay-off is described by the relative entropy between the nominal measure and the uncertain measure, while the uncertain measures satisfy certain energy inequality constraints. With respect to this formulation two problems are defined. The first, seeks to minimize the relative entropy over(More)
Tobacco smoking is one of the most important risk factors for the development of oral mucosal lesions such as leukoplakia and hairy tongue. Controversy exists in the literature, however, about the prevalence of oral lesions in smokers. The aim of this study was to evaluate oral lesions in male smokers compared with nonsmokers in Hamadan. A total of 516 male(More)
This paper deals with rate distortion or source coding with fidelity criterion, in measure spaces, for a class of source distributions. The class of source distributions is described by a relative entropy constraint set between the true and a nominal distribution. The rate distortion problem for the class is thus formulated and solved using minimax(More)
This paper presents prefix codes which minimize various criteria constructed as a convex combination of maximum codeword length and average codeword length or maximum redundancy and average redundancy, including a convex combination of the average of an exponential function of the codeword length and the average redundancy. This framework encompasses as a(More)