Farzad Pahlavani

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In this paper, a new Additive-White-Noise robust audio watermarking method based on using block set interpolation technique is proposed. This method is based on combination of block set interpolation technique and two-set patchwork method. This method is Additive-White-Noise robustness than the audio watermarking methods which are based on only the(More)
The audio watermarking method which it was recently proposed by Fallahpour is one of the methods with highest payload published to date. We tried to evaluate it and found that a weakness in terms of noise robustness is demonstrated when the audio source contains some silence gaps. In this paper we evaluate noise robustness issue for Fallahpour's audio(More)
In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for the recovery of images, corrupted by the salt-and-pepper noises. Specifically, we adopt a linear interpolation scheme to reconstruct the identified noisy pixels. Our extensive experimental results show that the resulting performance of our proposed method is higher than many of the traditional methods of noise(More)
Based on theoretical calculations, the field intensity resulting from a transmitter of medium wave (waves propagation) enjoys a significant increase in the paths where ground conductivity increase and in special environmental conditions even if far away from the transmitter. This phenomenon distinguishes coverage areas of a transmitter from common(More)
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