Farzad Omidi Kashani

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OBJECTIVES Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) compose a large part of occupational diseases in dental professionals, prevention of which is dependent on assessment and improvement of job postures by means of ergonomic interventions. This study was aimed at evaluation of ergonomic conditions of the profession of dentists and also at assessing the relationship(More)
Background: The treatment of distal femoral open comminuted fractures is a major problem for orthopedic surgeon. The basic and important aim in treatment of these fractures is to assemble the condylar fragments and then fix the condyles to the femoral shaft by minimum handling of the bone and soft tissues. Objectives: To evaluate the treatment of distal(More)
Background: complex proximal tibial fractures (Types V & VI of Schautzker classification) are the major problems in orthopedic surgery and associated with high complication rates. There are many alternatives in treatment of these fractures. Aim: to evaluate the results of double plating with single anterior incision in complex proximal tibial fractures(More)
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