Farzad Jalilvand

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Playing positions in soccer can exhibit different movement demands during a match, contributing to variations in physical and performance characteristics. NCAA soccer features different substitution rules when compared to FIFA-sanctioned matches, which could influence each players' characteristics. Therefore, this study determined the athletic performance(More)
Linear sprinting speed is an essential physical quality for many athletes. There are a number of different training modalities that can be used to improve sprint performance. Strength and conditioning coaches must select the most appropriate modalities for their athletes, taking into consideration the sprint distances that typically occur during(More)
Lockie, RG, Jalilvand, F, Moreno, MR, Orjalo, AJ, Risso, FG, and Nimphius, S. Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 2 and its relationship with other typical soccer field tests in female collegiate soccer players. J Strength Cond Res 31(10): 2667-2677, 2017-The ability to complete high-intensity running is essential for soccer. The Yo-Yo Intermittent(More)
T study investigated relationships between dynamic stability and multidirectional jumping. A modified Star Excursion Balance Test (mSEBT), incorporating unilateral lower-body reaching in posteromedial, medial, and anteromedial directions, assessed dynamic stability. Unilateral vertical (VJ), standing broad (SBJ) and lateral jumps (LJ) assessed leg power. VJ(More)
This study investigated relationships between 10 m sprint acceleration, step kinematics (step length and frequency, contact and flight time), and leg muscle performance (power, stiffness, strength). Twenty-eight field sport athletes completed 10 m sprints that were timed and filmed. Velocity and step kinematics were measured for the 0-5, 5-10, and 0-10 m(More)
NCAA soccer features different substitution rules compared to FIFA-sanctioned matches, with a greater availability of players who can enter the game. This could influence the physiological characteristics of the field position starters (ST) and non-starters (NST) within a collegiate women's team, which has not been previously analyzed. Thus, 22 field(More)
Dynamic stability is an essential physical component for team sport athletes. Certain Functional Movement Screen (FMS) exercises (deep squat; left- and right-leg hurdle step; left- and right-leg in-line lunge [ILL]; left- and right-leg active straight-leg raise; and trunk stability push-up [TSPU]) have been suggested as providing an indication of dynamic(More)
Immobilization of human erythrocyte membrane was carried out by adsorption on Fractosil, a porous form of silica. Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) was chosen as a representative membrane enzyme in this study. Dependency of adsorption on membrane concentration was determined. Positive cooperative interactions that occurred in the process of immobilization(More)
In contrast to the mature brain, Arrhenius plots of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase from newborn and old rat brain show no breaks (transition temperature); the apparent activation energy of the enzyme, in the physiological range of temperature, is also significantly higher. The results indicate deficient lipid-protein interaction as well as differential(More)
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