Farzad Farshchi

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In this paper, we show that cache partitioning does not necessarily ensure predictable cache performance in modern COTS multicore platforms that use non-blocking caches to exploit memory- level-parallelism (MLP). Through carefully designed experiments using three real COTS multicore platforms (four distinct CPU architectures) and a cycle- accurate full(More)
In this paper a low power multiplier is proposed. The proposed multiplier utilizes Broken-Array Multiplier approximation method on the conventional modified Booth multiplier. This method reduces the total power consumption of multiplier up to 58% at the cost of a small decrease in output accuracy. The proposed multiplier is compared with other approximate(More)
Achieving strong real-time guarantees in multi-core platforms is challenging due to the extensive hardware resource sharing in the memory hierarchy. Modern platforms and OS’s, however, provide no means to appropriately handle memory regions that are crucial for real-time performance. In this paper, we propose a new OS-level abstraction, namely Deterministic(More)
In multicore real-time systems, cache partitioning is commonly used to achieve isolation among different cores. We show, however, that space isolation achieved by cache partitioning does not necessarily guarantee predictable cache access timing in modern COTS multicore platforms, which use non-blocking caches. We find that special hardware registers in(More)
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