Farzad Behrouzi

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This paper is a review paper focusing on the methodological development of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), a multi-factor performance measurement and improvement tool. Since its introduction in 1978, vast studies have been done on DEA, causing significant growth in its methodology and applications in the real world. The purpose of this paper is to provide(More)
Lean manufacturing has become an important avenue for both academics and practitioners in recent times. Many organizations around the world have attempted to implement it but the lack of a clear understanding of lean performance and its measurement will contribute to the failure of lean practices. There are many papers, articles, and reports that address(More)
Nowadays, outsourcing as a strategic goal is becoming a critical success factor used by different organizations in order to provide high quality, and low price products for their customers. In this context, supplier selection has become an extremely important decision for companies. Management and human resource researchers have focused more on qualitative(More)
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