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This paper presents a tabu search approach for the job-shop scheduling problem. Although the problem is NP-hard, satisfactory solutions have been obtained recently by tabu search. However, tabu search has a problem-speci®c and parametric structure. Therefore, in the paper, we focussed on the tabu search strategies and parameters such as initial solution,(More)
This paper presents an optimization via simulation approach to solve dynamic flexible job shop scheduling problems. In most real-life problems, certain operation of a part can be processed on more than one machine, which makes the considered system (i.e., job shops) flexible. On one hand, flexibility provides alternative part routings which most of the time(More)
Existing literature proves that Optimization via Simulation (OvS) is relatively easy to develop regardless of the complexity of the problem and provide a much more realistic solution methodology without assumption. Hence, we used OvS to determine optimal (R, s, S) policy for Distribution Center (DC)s and suppliers and to properly select the suppliers for(More)
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