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In this paper we propose a binary field variant of the Joux-Lercier medium-sized Function Field Sieve, which results not only in complexities as low as Lqn (1/3, 2/3) for computing arbitrary logarithms, but also in an heuristic polynomial time algorithm for finding the discrete logarithms of degree one elements. To illustrate the efficiency of the method,(More)
In this paper we show how some recent ideas regarding the discrete logarithm problem (DLP) in finite fields of small characteristic may be applied to compute logarithms in some very large fields extremely efficiently. In particular, we demonstrate a practical DLP break in the finite field of 2 6120 elements, using just a single core-month.
—New bounds on the cardinality of permutation codes equipped with the Ulam distance are presented. First, an integer-programming upper bound is derived, which improves on the Singleton-type upper bound in the literature for some lengths. Second, several probabilistic lower bounds are developed, which improve on the known lower bounds for large minimum(More)