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The series of papers in this issue of AMBIO represent technical presentations made at the 7th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW7), held in September, 2013 in Uppsala, Sweden. At that meeting, the 150 delegates were involved in round table discussions on major, predetermined themes facing the management of agricultural phosphorus (P) for optimum(More)
Phosphorus losses from arable land need to be reduced to prevent eutrophication of surrounding waters. Owing to the high spatial variability of P losses, cost-effective countermeasures need to target parts of the catchment that are most susceptible to P losses. Field surveys identified critical source areas for overland flow and erosion amounting to only(More)
The importance of subsoil features for phosphorus (P) leaching is frequently mentioned, but subsoil effects are still poorly documented. This study examined whether the subsoil of four agricultural Swedish soils (two sand and two clay) functioned as a source or sink for P leaching by measuring P leaching from intact soil columns with topsoil (1.05 m deep)(More)
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