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Adipocytes secrete signalling molecules that elicit responses from target cells, including pancreatic beta cells. Wnt signalling molecules have recently been identified as novel adipocyte-derived factors. They also regulate insulin secretion in pancreatic beta cells and the cell cycle. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of adipocyte-derived(More)
BACKGROUND Adipocytes produce signalling molecules which can act on target cells including pancreatic beta-cells. In previous studies we found adipocytes to directly stimulate insulin secretion and the proliferation of pancreatic beta-cells in vitro. Rimonabant acts as an antagonist at the cannabinoid-1 (CB-1) receptor which is expressed on adipocytes.(More)
In the wake of the global change of a new accumulation regime in major capitalist economies, the opening up and liberalisation process of emerging economies from the 1980s has provoked great expectations that resulted in recurrent disappointing crises. Studied as a stylized fact, the Turkish experience leads us to assess the role of liberalised(More)
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