Farshid Najafi

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In this paper, the design and implementation of a novel passive safe joint is reported. This safe joint is designed for applications, such as an air hockey playing robot playing against a human, in which the force applied by the linkage should be kept below a certain threshold. The proposed mechanism benefits from the compliance of two ramps controlled by(More)
Palpation can be used as a manual technique for detecting normal and abnormal tissues. According to the recent applications of the robotic and control systems in medical fields, the design and fabrication of a device capable of abdominal palpation is of great importance. In this paper, a device has been designed and fabricated to be used for palpation(More)
The civil aircraft industry often involves assembly of large deformable aluminium components within the wingbox structures. Part-to-part assembly of these compliant components regularly cause difficulties associated with dimensional variations. This paper presents a method for predicting dimensional variation in the assembly processes of a wing-box(More)
Occurance of faults in hydraulic systems may cause serious problems in hydraulic machineries, especially where human life is involved. Therefore, online detection of faults is an important issue. In this article, occurance of fault has been detected wing a high-gain observer for an experimental servo hydraulic setup. State-space model of the dynamic system(More)
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