Farshad Safaei

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Fault-tolerance and network routing have been among the most widely studied topics in the research of parallel processing and computer networking. A fault- tolerant routing algorithm should guarantee the delivery of messages in the presence of faulty components. In this paper, we present a comparative performance study of nine prominent fault-tolerant(More)
In recent years, the Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECC) has attracted a great deal of attention due to its advantages. In this paper, a new ECC based scheme in a hierarchical mobile agent framework is presented. In the proposed scheme legality of agents is verified by hosts to avoid the masquerade attack. Analyzing the security criteria and performance(More)
Parallel computers, such as multiprocessors system-on-chip (Mp-SoCs), multicomputers and cluster computers, are consisting of hundreds or thousands multiple processing units and components (such as routers, channels and connectors) connected via some interconnection network that collectively may undergo high failure rates. Therefore, these systems are(More)
Wireless sensor networks are rapidly evolving technological platforms with tremendous applications in several domains. Since sensor nodes are battery powered and may be used in dangerous or inaccessible environments, it is difficult to replace or recharge their power supplies. Clustering is an effective approach to achieve energy efficiency in wireless(More)
Due to high latency and high power consumption in long hops between operational cores of NoCs, the performance of such architectures has been limited. In order to fill the gap between computing requirements and efficient communications, a new technology called Wireless Network-on-Chip (WNoC) has been emerged. Employing wireless communication links between(More)
Dynamic network reconfiguration is described as the process of replacing one routing function with another while the network keeps running. The main challenge is avoiding deadlock anomalies while keeping limitations on packet injection and forwarding minimal. Current approaches which have a high complexity and as a result have a limited practical(More)