Farsam Farzadpour

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Abstract. This paper presents a trajectory generation approach for a 7-DOF biped robot on level ground. Simultaneously rotation of feet in double support phase is considered which leads to high-speed and more similar to human being walking. The zero moment point (ZMP) stability criterion is used to ensure the stability of the bipedal walking robot. Since(More)
A wide range of design efforts has been done and continue to be investigated in the development of slider-crank mechanism in the ship's propeller. The position control of a slider-crank mechanism, which is driven by the piston cylinder actuator using a nonlinear control strategy to adjust the blade pitch angle, is studied. The Computed Torque Control (CTC)(More)
Development of distribution systems lead in higher system losses and poor voltage regulation. Consequently, an efficient and effective distribution system has become more urgent and crucial. Hence, number, location and capacity of distributed generation can be optimized using evolutionary algorithm. This paper uses a hybrid optimization method based on(More)
Many research efforts have been made to develop the slider-crank mechanism. Design of a genetic-fuzzy inverse controller for a slider crank mechanism with the piston cylinder drive is studied. This mechanism converts the translating motion into rotating motion. In this approach, the computed torque is implemented to obtain high speed and precise position(More)
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